Print your own Planning Poker Game

On this page, I have put all the materials to print your own Planning Poker game.

Planning Poker is an agile way to encourage SCRUM teams converge towards estimates for User Stories and Tasks. It is a bit like Delphi approach for task estimation in regular project management, in the sense that we ask experts (the team!) to estimate the size. But it is much more fun because we play cards.

I ordered the printing with, actually it is business cards printing but the result is really cool.  You can of course customize the printing with your company/school/tag logo/statement/name.

You will find below 2 zips. The first one holds the "image side" of the cards, i.e. where the figures are. The second one holds the "detail side", i.e. the recto of the cards where you may want to place your own company/school/tag information.

Image Side


There are 12 cards in 4 different colors, which makes 48 cards. As moo, the printing company, allows for 50 cards, I added the two cards, one with the title "Planning Poker" game and one with the rules of Planning Poker. I summarized the rules as follows:

  • Product backlog stories are presented by the product owner.
  • For each story, the team has a short conversation to reach for a common understanding. This conversation is time-boxed.
  • Once the conversation is over, each participant selects a card corresponding to his or her estimate. This card is not shown to the other players.
  • All cards are turned over at the same time.
  • If estimates are close to each other, the estimate with the highest frequency is selected.
  • If estimates are diverging, the team discusses the estimates, focussing especially on the outliers. This conversation is time-boxed.
  • After discussion, the team plays again until all estimates converge.

Detail side

This is going to be the recto side of the cards. You can of course redo your own design including your personal information. For Scrum Master, it could even become quite cool business cards if you place there your contact information.

Printing with Moo

I did the printing with and I was very happy with the quality so I recommend it to you (I have to shares of Moo!).
First download and uncompress the following archives:
Some information to handle the printing:
  1. Go to Moo and select Business Cards printing. Select "Make Business Cards".
  2. In the panel "Use your own images or artwork", select "Upload my own files"
  3. Upload the content of into the panel "Side A of Your Cards" (Hold the shift key to select multiple files and upload in one shot)
  4. Click on next step and have a look of all images are ok. You actually do not need to zoom or rotate or crop or enhance as the images are already produced with the right recommended size (1039 x 697 pixels, 300dpi) and colors.
  5. Click on next step and then you can work on the detail side. Either you add your own contact information, as for real business cards, or you select "Use your own complete artwork" and upload the design provided above in, or your own design.
  6. For the paper, I ordered Moo Classic (would be happy to hear from people using Moo Green).
Beware that if you redo your own design for the side B, use the recommended 1039 x 697 pixels size and 300 dpi. As well, there is a "safe area" indicated by Moo where you should keep all important information within the guideline.
Here is a sample of what I received from Moo. Enjoy.
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